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KSC About Us

About Kid-Safe Communities

Kid-Safe Communities is a child safety and defensive tactics program developed by the Fighting Back Institute, and has been endorsed by the International Martial Arts Council and the Christian Martial Arts Council.  Kid-Safe Communities is committed to the goal of bringing together and working with law enforcement, schools, civic, church and community groups to raise the level of awareness regarding child predation and abuse.

Through increasing awareness and pro-actively educating parents and community leaders to the very real threats today’s children are facing, and training children to be aware of the commonly used tactics by predators and those who would abuse them, we send a strong message to pedophiles and other child abusers their deviant behavior will not be tolerated in our communities.

Further, by teaching children effective defensive countermeasures, we empower them to stand their ground and fight back (if escape is not an option) should they be targeted by a school bully or anyone looking to harm them in some way.  Using an entertaining, light-hearted approach, KSC instructors illustrate many of the common tactics used by predators and bullies, and teach children and teens how to proactively respond to these threats.

Kid-Safe Communities is dedicated to helping communities come together to create an atmosphere where child abuse in any form is not tolerated, and provide a place for parents to raise their children in a safe, secure environment.  We truly want to help build “Kid-Safe” Communities across the nation...one city at a time.

About the Fighting Back Instutite

The Fighting Back Institute is a non-profit advocacy organization that is committed to raising community awareness to the very real threats families face, and to help coordinate a concerted community response to combat these threats to safe family living, both in big cities and in rural towns across America.
The Fighting Back Institute, Kid-Safe Communities, and Women-Safe Communities are Safe-Community Initiatives of TNT Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)3 IRS-Registered Non-Profit Organization established in 1983.  TNT's Safe Community Initiatives are purely educational in nature and provided without regard to race, color, creed, gender, ethnicity or national origin.  
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